The Language List

The Brief

The Language List wanted to create a platform to make homestay tuition in the UK more accessible, affordable and efficient to foreign students. Equally, it wanted to support tutors by giving them flexibility, control & fair pricing. The current market is heavily shaped by language schools & agents who charge tutors in excess of 50% commission. The Language List platform had to heavily disrupt the market.

MVP website build can be viewed at


- Market and competitor analysis
- Research into tutor & student needs and wants
- Analysis of current business model to find opportunities
- Development of new business model
- Time and resource planning
- Develop comprehensive product roadmap
- Process and system design
- User experience for tutor, student & admin
- Website wireframing
- Information architecture

- Front and back end Development of MVP website
- Develop website with the product roadmap in mind
- Consult client on best practise and approaches
- Creative direction on UI and interaction design
- Hire and lease with developers to support the MVP build
- Assisted in development of proposition and brand identity
- Prepare and hold presentations to the client and tutors
- Photography
- Filming and editing tutor videos

User Flow

Parallel Student/Tutor user flow from marketing to post-experience, illustrating touchpoints between the student and the tutor. Click to view PDF


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