Grosvenor Estates

The Brief

The Grosvenor Estates together with Stergis Carbon Profiling were facing an energy efficiency retrofit programme on 55 buildings across London. The units were occupied by both residential and business tenants who were seen as important stakeholders. Grosvenor Estates wanted to create a web-app that would engage occupiers and allow energy and building information to be easily collected from all 55 buildings and stored in a uniform way. It would also enable tenants to report problems easily and more efficiently.


- Market analysis and research into building surveying
- Engaging key stakeholders to understand needs and wants
- Product concept development together with Grosvenor States
- Process and system design
- Tennant, surveyor and admin user journeys
- Analysing systems and converting them to a user process
- UX, UI design & prototyping
- Preparing presentations and reports for review by client

Front End & Admin

The app was primarily going to be used by tenants or surveyors, so the interface for entering information had to be on a mobile phone or tablet.

The administrator site, although optimised for mobile, was to be accessed in an office and thus priority was placed on desktop devices.

Vodafone Broadband

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