The Brief

Air New Zealand delivers a first-class service and holds a strong market share on their routes. However, they felt that their customers are beginning to perceive them as out-dated compared to competitors due to their lack of interest in new technologies. They decided to use IoT technology on-board their planes to create a richer customer experience in first-class and a more efficient service delivery in economy.


- In depth market research of IoT technology and applications
- Research in current airline trends and developments
- Competitor Analysis
- Research into customer & client needs / wants
- Analysis of client capabilities
- Client workshops
- Concept development and refining
- Process and system design
- Creating a customer engagement strategy based on the customer journey
- Air stuart and passenger UX design
- UI and interaction design
- Assisted in Prototype development for PR event

The complete user journey

The user journey of a passenger was broken down to illustrate every possible customer touchpoint. This was used to help generate and verify ideas in client workshops.

The idea

Introduce a smart wine glass in first-class. It will tell the air stuart when it's empty, prompting a re-fill before the customer has to press any button. Best of all, it already knows what the passengers preference is. This was to be demoed in-front of high-proifile journalists at London Heathrow.

Prototype UI design for tablet on smart trolly


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